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Learn More About Christianity

In John 3:16 Jesus declares,

For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

Throughout history many people have come to know Jesus and have placed their trust in him. These followers of Jesus have come from different nations and cultures and all walks of life. Yet, they have one thing in common: they have all come to know Jesus through learning God’s Word, the Bible. The Good News of Jesus Christ is that he has saved us, and this message can be found throughout the Bible. When you study and understand this message, it will change your life.

But we know that life can be full of questions.

Why is there suffering in this world? Why am I here? Are all religions the same? Who is Jesus? Did he actually live and walk on this earth? Can I trust the Bible? What’s the point of church?

These questions may be on your mind, but you may have found it difficult to get answers. You possibly don’t know who to ask or you’ve simply chosen to keep your questions to yourself. You may have even had a bad experience with the church in your past, and so have feelings of pain or even anger toward Christians and don’t trust their input. Whatever the case may be, we would like to encourage you to find answers.

Whether you are skeptic, have doubts, have been hurt or are facing deep depression, we invite you to open a Bible to see what it says about life.

If you need a Bible or if you are looking for some help in reading it, please send us a request below.

Throughout the year we also offer a seven-week course called, Christianity Explored. This program is open to anyone who would like to examine the Christian faith to find answers to life’s biggest questions. During the course we go through the Gospel of Mark to look at the life of the person at the heart of Christian faith: Jesus Christ.

We would love to help you explore what the Bible says about life.

If you would like to

  • Take the Christianity Explored Course
  • Inquire about One-to-One Bible Study
  • Request a Bible
  • Ask a question about Christianity or the Bible

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