Rehoboth United Reformed Church of Hamilton, Ontario
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Sunday worship service COVID 19 Update (2)

Sunday worship service COVID 19 Update (2)

July 31st, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Council is navigating the difficult road of Corona virus protection and what that means for us as a congregation during our worship services. It is important for us to gather for worship and bringing glory to our heavenly Father while keeping everybody safe within the guidelines set for us by our governing authorities. Council has reviewed the local bylaws and consulted with a by-law officer so that new guidelines will be in place starting this Sunday August 2nd.

1. Face masks must be worn at all times. While entering the Church and during the worship service. A person who has an underlying medical condition which inhibits their ability to wear a face covering are exempt from wearing a face covering. Children two and under are exempt and children five years and younger if they refuse to wear one are exempt.

2. The congregation will continue to remain seated during the worship service. Practice social distancing as you enter and exit the church.

3. Please inform a council member if there are any health concerns or showing any symptoms of Covid 19.

4. The organ, piano and pulpit areas are nonpublic areas and will be restricted to the Pastor and accompanist only. The organist and pianist will not be required to wear a face mask. The Pastor leading us in worship will only be wearing a mask while singing and will be seated.

5. We as council know this will be a difficult thing to do but we must limit our social gathering outside the church in the parking lot. We encourage all people to wear masks while exiting the church and to proceed directly to their vehicles.

6. Anyone not comfortable wearing face masks during the service or is not feeling well is encouraged watch the live stream from home.

These are very difficult and ever changing times that we are living in and setting these guidelines in place was not an easy thing. Council will continue to review the by-laws and make changes as required.
Please continue to pray for your council and pastor for wisdom and discernment in these challenging times. Seeking God’s will for us and to glorify His name.