Rehoboth United Reformed Church of Hamilton, Ontario
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Sunday worship service COVID-19 update (3)

Sunday worship service COVID-19 update (3)

December 31st, 2020

Dear Congregation,

As you likely know, the Ontario government has placed the Hamilton region in the “Grey – Lockdown” category effective December 21. This lockdown will last at least 28 days.

Worship services on December 20th will continue with the normal “pre-lockdown” precautions.

Starting on Christmas Day we will return to live-stream-only services, as we will be limited to 10 in-person attendees. The Pastor, accompanist, on-duty elders, and on-duty audio/visual crew will be the only people permitted to attend the service. It is our intention to live-stream the services (as opposed to pre-recording them)

These developments are disappointing for all of us, and this is certainly not the Christmas we all hoped for. But be reminded of the words of our Pastor a few weeks ago:

“If you seek to find your true joy in the things of the holiday, how empty that will leave us. It can be taken away. If you ask people what they most look forward to, maybe it is getting together with family, or opening Christmas presents. But the government can lock us down and then that can’t happen, and now all of a sudden we think: ‘Christmas is purposeless! Joy is gone!’ No it’s not! Not if what the angels say is true! They said: ‘To *you* is born’. Nobody can take that. Nobody can steal that. It’s not an earthly salvation, it’s a heavenly one.”

Please keep the elders, deacons, and pastor in your prayers as we labour among you and weigh the practical and spiritual considerations that have come as a result of this pandemic. We encourage you to pray for one another and to reach out to one another, particularly those who will be even more isolated as a result of this lockdown. And raise up petitions to our Heavenly Father that He may eradiate this virus, so that His people may return to full worship and commune with each other as we are designed to do!

We love you all and you are all in our prayers. Christmas Blessings to you all.