Gospel in Everyday Living (‘GEL’)

The people at Rehoboth desire to be intentional about Living out the Gospel in Everyday Life. Here are a few areas in which we actively pursue this. If you seek more information on any of these, please fill out our contact form or call any one of us from the contact page.

SERVING hamilton and beyond (reaching out)


Street Ministry (downtown Hamilton)

Every month we join the Salvation Army Soup van for a couple of evenings out on two regular stops downtown Hamilton serving hot soup and beverages to those who need a little assistance. Good conversation is also had by all. Contact us to join this endeavour.

in community with each other (reaching in)


Hospitality Ministry

We are currently forming a Community Group looking into how best to serve in the context in which we live. Often we host ‘in-house’ events, but sometimes out in the community as well.


Dinners and BBQs: Throughout the year we host things like a Family Day event, a pancake breakfast, a community BBQ, a spaghetti dinner, and more. See ‘Latest News’ on the Home/Welcome page for more information.

Leadership Training

Training in leadership growth is key for those currently leading and for those aspiring to lead. Various different leadership training events are held throughout the year. Please see ‘Latest News’ or inquire of us.




Everyone needs to grow in their walk with Jesus Christ. But it’s hard to do alone. We are disciples making disciples, together, following Jesus in everyday living. Discipleship is a chance to spend time together learning, growing, sharing, and living. We do this through small groups, life groups, friend groups, study groups and the like. Come grow with us.

Prayer Ministry

We have a Prayer Team that serves the congregation on an on-going basis. We also hold occassional prayer training events throughout the year. See ‘Latest News‘ for details.


We are committed to training and equipping youth so that they have hearts and hands ready to love and serve God, each other, and others.


A club for boys in grades 4-8. Typical meetings are on Thursday evenings from 7:15-9 pm. The evening includes a lesson and time for the boys to work on a project in our shop. Boys can earn badges when they demonstrate new skills learned.

For more information visit www.calvinistcadets.org

Kingdom Seekers

A club for girls in grades 4-8. Typical meetings are on Thursday evenings from 7:15-9 pm. The evening includes a lesson and time for the girls to work on a project or craft. Girls can earn badges when they demonstrate new skills learned.

For more information visit www.kingdomseekers.org

Kids thru Teens Summer Camp

A week-long summer camp is held each week all summer long in connection with Campfire Bible Camp in Markdale, ON. You can register at their website or inquire of us for more information.

Catechism Classes

On Tuesday evenings our pastor holds specific learning classes for students of all ages. Groups are divided into late elementary, high-school and university levels.

Young Adult

We usually meet in our church building or in homes near our church building on Sunday evenings.

Women’s Ministry

All women are welcome to attend “Women of Grace” which is a time for coffee and discussion on Tuesday mornings 9:30 to 11. A nursery and pre-school program are available for your children during this time. Call to confirm location.

Men’s Ministry

All men are welcome on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 to 9:30 for coffee and discussion. This is most often done at the church.

REDI Groups

Amongst the leaders of the church there are numerous REDI groups, where the leaders spend time building each other up in their walk with Jesus, ‘readying’ each other to Love God, love each other, love others.

Seniors’ Ministry

The seniors of the church meet periodically throughout each month. Please contact us for the latest arrangements.

Bible Studies and Small Groups

We aim for cross-congregational discipleship, meaning we desire to see everyone who is capable to be an active part in growing in knowledge, godliness, and witness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Various different types of growth groups are available to start or join. (see also Discipleship above)