pathway to membership

new to church – what do I do?

Maybe you have never been to church before…or not that often.

You want to know more.

What does it mean to become a member? It means you join a local church governed by our Lord Jesus Christ. Becoming a member shows your commitment in all of life to following Jesus.

It is through the church that you make a public profession of faith and are baptized thus becoming a member of the body of Christ.

This body of believers is gathered from all over the world but represented locally by a local church.

We’ve laid out 5 simple steps to help you on the journey of becoming a member. We call it the Pathway to Membership.

Step 1 – Rehoboth Reception

An informal meet and greet, in a very casual, non-threatening environment.

“I’m new here and I don’t know what to do.”


Come out and enjoy an informal meet where you can:

      • Get acquainted with the pastor and a few members
      • Hear a little of our history, fellowship, &  model of ministry
      • Have a chance to ASK any and all questions

We’ll also enjoy some great food together

This RECEPTION is your first step toward getting involved here.
To attend, call or text: 289-684-5334

the next REHOBOTH RECEPTION will be held:

13 SEP, 2021

STEP 2 – Discipleship 101

This is a conversational organized approach to introducing many key aspects of the Christian faith such as, ‘Who wrote the Bible? Why is it reliable? Who is Jesus? What is Salvation? Communicating with God, dealing with Forgiveness, and more. It is flexibly designed to be covered in about 8 weeks.

STEP 3 – Discipleship 201

Flowing from D101, this is designed to journey with people into a deeper understanding of the Reformed faith. Topics covered include Reformed worship, law and gospel, numerous catechism lessons, doctrines of grace, and the sacraments. This helps participants come to a confident understanding of what they will publicly profess.

STEP 4 – Baptism / Profession of Faith

Having gone through the above material, a person would have sufficient understanding and confidence to make their public profession of faith, and as necessary, be baptized into the body of Jesus Christ. This would occur at one of our baptism/profession of faith special services.

STEP 5 – Deciding What’s Next

Praise God he’s carried you this far! Our faith journey is never ‘over’. As members in the body of Christ, we need continued fellowship and growing together is key. To see how you can further grow, check out…